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It's all for the kids!

The Paw Pack (Jackson Elementary's PTO) is a group of parents, teachers and staff who come together for the purpose of helping Jackson students succeed.  We are all in it for the kids!


To us, this success is often the result of a well-rounded educational experience.  We want our kids to fall in love with learning by being exposed to every nook and cranny of their curriculum as well as opportunities to pursue the things they like best.


We all know that public education has been thrown some challenges lately.  State funding isn't what it used to be and the new Common Core testing standards are requiring even more of our teachers.  Jackson's staff are nothing short of amazing at stretching the resources they have. But so much of what our kids love about school no longer simply 'comes with school'.




The Paw Pack PTO works throughout the year to raise the money and support needed to add depth and dimension to every curricular platform at Jackson.  This includes Math, Language Arts, Music, Science, Technology, Fine and Performing Art, Physical Education and More!  


We invite you to click through the links above to see all of the programs that exist at Jackson because we fund them!  Get inspired!  


We'd love to connect with you and invite you to join us in the ways that excite you the most.  We can do this together!!  It's all for the kids.



The Paw Pack PTO Board

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