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Scrip is a fundraising program where you earn money for our school when you make everyday purchases through the use of BENEFIT MOBILE, an easy to use app for iphone and android and by signing up for grocery ‘loyalty cards’ (Raley’s, Safeway, Nugget, Amazon Smile).


STEP 1: SHOP   Buy gift cards and have them delivered to your phone within seconds.

STEP 2: REDEEM   Use them for your everyday purchases in the checkout line or at home.

STEP 3: EARN   Earn rebates on every purchase. Apply them to a school, nonprofit, or even a personal life expense.

STEP 4: REWARD   Each month an electronic check goes out to you or the cause of your choice.



How often do you shop at Amazon?  Did you know that a percentage of your purchases could be going back to Jackson just by using this link to shop?

Grocery loyalty cards:

please make sure you've registered your Safeway, Raley's, and Nugget cards so that $$ goes to Jackson each time you shop at these stores. For questions about the grocery loyalty programs, contact Katie Polley at  For help with registering your grocery loyalty cards, see the attached Scrip flier.

You can also earn money for our school when shopping online through (Jackson School Group ID: 141900315).  



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