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Music is one of the programs at Jackson that exists solely because we, as a PTO, pay for it.  And while music is often valued for its favored status among the students, its importance in education is well-documented.


A recent study by Michigan State University suggested that children who are regularly exposed to music and art are more apt to discover or invent something as adults.  We also know that exposure to music (and specifically reading notes) can dramatically affect a child's success in mathematics.


The music program at Jackson is robust.  Pre-K through 1st grade students visit music class for 30 minutes each week.  2nd and 3rd grade students attend music for 45 minutes each week.  And 4th and 5th receive 70 minutes of music instruction each week.

During this time, students are taught how to read music as well as play an instument. Upper grade students are also given the opportunity to join band.

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